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Originally Posted by Mustang No.7 View Post
Thanks for the correction Z. I was just working from my recollection of research I did when making my purchase. At the time it seemed like Airaid was the only one not requiring a tune.

As far as the JLT vs Airaid and the top performers in the qtr, I checked the list and found that in addition to having a JLT CAI, almost all the top four or five had headers, 3.73 gears, tunes, and assorted other mods that would improve times. Perhaps the JLT is a better option, but until someone with an Airaid plus the other noted mods makes a pass, I can't say that is a definite. I doubt I'll be the guy to do it, finances don't allow me to put that kind of money into the car at the moment, but I sure do admire you guys who carry the 3.7 Mustang banner for the rest of us. Thanks!
No problem!!

I used to run a C&L CAI on my car, but switched the JLT at the end of last year. I really like the looks of the color matched JLT.

BTW, Smokin' Stanley runs an Airaid on his car.
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