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. i hope they will. especially since they will be receiving a lot of money from me if they do. i plan on gettin 4 BMR parts, hurst shifter, and saleen pulleys all at once. im glad to see they hooked you up with the free tune. i think we shall have a good working relationship then. you can tell him to expect my just not sure when it will be. im thinking hopefully like maybe a month or so. lawyer fees, low paying job, etc etc.

Tom: you can tell him to definately expect my business. i was gunna call them and ask them on out the door prices and such on monday after work so you will be there about the time i call . tell them i said what up .

Air: thanx for the confidence. yea you cant go wrong either way. iw ish i could have the c&l, but im a poor kid. and yes i sound like a broken recorder. im sorry. and hows that BMR brace treating ya?

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