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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
the article said 12 easy bolt ons to push the s197gt into the 12s easy...okay i says..awesome..and i buy the mag...i'm reading the article...they drive 2 gts to englishtown says the bolt ons are so easy he can do them at the track in the parkin lot...and so can we...i'm excited...yeah...i'm gonna drive the strtracr to the a few buds and do it up..i'm readin now...happy with my purchase..and whats one of his first easy bolt ons...changes the driveshaft to a more lightweight one...are you kidding me...easy? in the parkin lot? then he talks about the gears...the lightweight sway bar...clutch...flash he for real?
easy bolt ons? inexpensive? what a crock
I was kind of in shock myself, in the parking lot if you have a NASCAR team with you oh and the trailer
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