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Originally Posted by Mark25
Kreepy X, I've thought about getting those same louvers for the quarter window ( I like the fact that they cover the gap between the window and the window frame)...I was just wondering...does the 3M tape make contact with the body of the car or just the window?...that would be a concern in the event you wanted to remove the louver in the future (i.e. might ruin the body paint around the window frame).

The 3M tape only makes contact with the window, it doesn't touch the body.

Kreepy X... I got my Stage 3 louvers installed and they look amazing, I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in getting louvers. I know I said I would make a thread with pics once I got them installed but it has been raining here literally every single day for the past 1 1/2 - joke. I'd like to take pics when the car is all cleaned up and right now it's a mess. Lol... actually as I am writing this I can hear it starting to rain once again. If it ever stops I'll wash the car and take some pics so you can see them.

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