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I want to surprise my Bother-in-Law...

My Bother-in-Law has a bone-stock 2010 Challenger R/T with auto trans, and a 5.7 Hemi. My '14 V6 is also stock w/auto.

He knows the reputation of our V6's, but I know he still has the edge on me. He wants us to get them together and see how they compare. This is the first time he has ever had a car that should out run me in forty years, so I want to pep-up my car without him suspecting anything.

(I think he's going to be embarrassed regardless of the outcome!)

Has anyone seen a comparison between the two cars for a quarter-mile run?

(I've already given him a good run in my wife's '10 G37, but at a point he starts pulling away.)

I'd like to keep-up with him as best I can without doing a lot of apparent work and pieces added on.

I have ordered a K&N drop-in air filter, but nothing else planned so far. (I don't want to re-gear the differential.)


2014 Mustang V6 Premium w/Pony and Comfort Packages. White w/Light Stone interior.

(The Coyote was tempting, but I already have a hot rod!)

1968 Chevelle, 383ci SBC, tri-power, 4-speed, longtubes, Magnaflows.
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