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Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
for a pure best bang for buck mod my fav was removing the lower rocker panel stripes.......

other good ones in order of best to least (no dislikes): Motor mounts, Redline MTL, the MGW shifter (with white Sickspeed cueball), used CAI & axle backs, 4 Focal speakers, two rolls of friction tape to cover the 2011/12 base model steering wheel. I'm looking fwd to cold weather and trying my new to me OEM wheels (19" premium 5 spokes) so I don't have run my summer only tires in late fall/early spring (it's a stored in winter toy).

I wish I skipped the spoiler/stripe package and bought a GT500 spoiler instead.
What motor mounts did you use? I was thinking they should be my first mod, but I never see anyone posting about them and would think they would be the easiest more-power-to-the-ground-mod without changing ECU programming.

Best mod so far: WeatherTech floor "buckets". Love them, kind of like the monster mats in my previous VWs.

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