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XL-18 Picked up at Ted Britt Ford Chantilly Va on 9/14/13 @9am, cost out the door $24.08.
Installed additive 9/14/13 @10am.

Early Build (June 2010) 2011 Mustang GT Brembo, 17.5K miles. 3:73 gears, trans factory filled with "QS"fluid, Stock shifter, cue ball knob, replaced cheesey stock rubber shifter bushing with polyurethane bushing ($20.00). Trans makes no noise, whining or whirring...never did and still is quiet after 3 different fluids. Car completely stock except for what's listed above. Car has not had any warranty or other service other than regular LOF every 5K miles and the TSB applied to fix hot hard start issues.

Trans issues:
1.Shifting into 2nd when cold, the typical nibble and or light grind. Learned to skip 2nd until eng warmed to temp. The colder out the worse the nibble/grind.
2.Occasional issue with finding 1st from stop.... have to reset to neutral, move to 2nd then re-engage 1st.
3.Trans at times appears inconsistent, sometimes notchy and vague in the 1st 4 gears. Most of time trans works well when hot.
4.Shifting 1st to 2nd when making turns, will grind or nibble every time regardless of direrction turned or temp of trans.

Shifted great the summer of 2010 (took delivery 6/29/2010). Shifted bad from 1st to 2nd fall/winter of 2010 when trans cold. Spring of 2011 switched from QS to Redline MTL which appeared to help some (maybe 10-15% improvement when trans cold) then of course the weather warmed and little isue with trans during summer months. (Although inconsistencies from time to time, occasional nibble into 3rd/4th when trans is fully warmed).
Late 2012 changed to QDC fluid, again a slight improvement in cold weather shifting, not enough to write mom though.
9/14/2013 added the XL-18 and noticed a slight improvement in feel.
Car sat outside overnight here in No. Va. (9/18/13) and temp dropped to 42F. 75 miles at this point on additive. Start, warm for 2 minutes take off in 1st, shift to 2nd and boom the dreaded nibble/grind. 8 miles to work... trans shifted fine once I neared work.

1. Nibble/grind still apparent, no change noted. (Will it lessen after more miles?)
2. Finding 1st appeared better, although not a big deal to start with.
3. Shifting appears cleaner and crisper once warmed. I did notice an improvement in all around feel.
4. No change and frankly did not expect any as this appears to be motor mount related and the movement that occurs between motor/trans and the body mounted shifter. (Next upgrade: Whiteline trans insert once they finalize their design for NVH?)

Miles on XL-18 to date = 91 miles.

More eval to come as miles rack up.

In a nutshell: Some improvement and moving in the right direction. Certainly isn't making anything worse. Magic bullet? No such thing. Certainly others have worse issues and the vast majority have little to no issues.

All things mechanical have idiosyncrasies and you learn to live with them (Or die trying).

I'm probably one of the luckier ones, the only real issue is cold trans and shifting around corners. (Sounds like a personal problem).

Standard disclaimers apply. Placebo affect is always there since I am human. Your mileage may (read "will") vary .

Stay tuned.

.... Thx.

Cheers; JOE

2011 Sterling Grey GT Premium, 6MT, Brembo, 3:73, GT500 axlebacks, tint, Rousch white billiard ball shift knob, Stack Racing lower black billet grille.
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