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Originally Posted by Mark25
vantage, thanks for the info...I think I screwed up. The louvers I'm interested are the ones that sltwtr (from Mystic,CT) has...called Afterthoughts Auto 1/4 Window Louvers. Those louvers definitely cover the gap between the window and the window frame...but they look like they must have tape touching the body...
Mark25, The Afterthoughts Auto 1/4 window louvers attach with the 3M tape on the window only. They need a day at a decent temp to stay put and an occasional pressing over the next couple of days. I have had the white one (blue stripes) with those louvers on at 135mph and they are still there. Just be real precise where you want them before you stick them on, once they are on you will need a fishing line to slide them off (gets between the tape and glass without scratching anything - sawing motion) Good Luck. I love the way they look and have had uncountable compliments on the car. Look forward to some pics of other 1/4 window installs. Rick
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