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Those look to me like carbon fiber brakes...just like on the upcoming Z/28. Unfortunately that might mean that their track-focused edition is going to be spendy like the Z/28, rather than affordable like the Boss 302.

There might be one of those flagship models with the best of the best components, and priced accordingly. But you know how it goes, the internet fanbois want their favorite car to be faster than the other company's even if they never buy it. How many Camaro guys are bragging about the Z/28 even before it goes on sale?

As a standalone option the carbon brakes would be awesome. Brembo's technology has been doing a good job at bringing prices down. When first launched carbon ceramic brakes were a $15,000 option, now they can be had on certain vehicles for $4-6,000 extra. There are conventional iron brakes that cost that much today.
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