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So grafix66, you obvioulsy have some skill in body shop skills. I understand how to fix some of the known issues with the hood4sale I undertand what needs to be down to fix the gaps inthe fenders (realign the fenders), what is necesary to fix the waves (blocking and sanding), I can even understand how to fix the chipped corner and minor cracks (bondo or fiberglass repair), I even figured out how to install the the screen (more fiberglass repair), but how do you fix the issue that the hood boew slightly upward inthe middle and how do you go about fixing the problem I had witht he raised corner, when the hood is sitting on the black cowl piece of the car (no room to adjust lower). If I can figure out what is involved or how to fix those two issues, I could make my hood work.

I will also agree, it is the best looking hood out there, hence why I wanted one. Again, I will say, damn yours looks good. Since your hood is my color, I will trade you a shinny new quarter for your
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