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Originally Posted by Mark25
Rick, thanks for the info...I do think your louvers really look great!
BTW, I'm originally from Middletown. Went to Xavier and then to Trinity C. in Hartford. My wife and I love taking trips back to CT. We especially love Foxwoods, seeing the Fall sites, etc. And, of course, a quick little trip to Mystic is always in order (Mystic Pizza, Abotts, etc.).

I will definitely see if I can talk the Mrs. into purchasing those louvers. She, of course, prefers the "stock" look. It will take a little bit of convincing...your pic (and any other pics you post) will help.

Mark25, So a local person escaped to Virginia Beach, good for you. I will have other pictures beginning of next week. Need to rely on good weather and a clean car not always in the same or right order. The one thing these louvers do is change the look of the car to a more 60's style. I also noticed she looks smaller once the 1/4 windows are covered and painted in the same color as the main color. Don't know why it seems smaller it just does which makes it a better looking more exotic car. I am an old owner of a 1965 GT 350 (wish I still owned it) and it looks more like that than anything else. Glad to have someone familiar with Abbotts (closed for the season now) and Mystic Pizza on the forum.
The Bank just across from Mystic Pizza was robbed yesterday, you probably know it as well. Good luck and look for the new pics on Monday. They should convince your wife it really makes the car look different, unique and just plain great !!!. Rick :eyepoppin
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