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BAMA Tune and Ethanol Questions

Hi gang, sorry if this has been asked a million times already.

I have a BAMA tuner and hae been running the 87H and 91H tunes on it for a couple months now. All good although I hope to get around to datalogging one of these days.

Today I went to fill up and my local station had switched the 87 octane to 10% ethanol blend. They also has 89E and normal 91. I'm using the 87 hybrid tune currently, so I went down the street, the next gas station still had normal 87 but had switched thier mid-grade to 97E, and thier high grade to 91E (or maybe someone mis-placed the 10% ethanol sticker on the pump).

I did some digging and I guess normal 87 is on it's way out here in Nebraska. Am I correct in assuming this will mess with my tune? Should I request a 10% ethanol tune from BAMA or am I just out of luck? I suppose I could switch to 91 permanently (assuming it doesn't go away too) but I like the CAI's note better with the 87 tune for some reason.

ALSO, last time I visited this site there were some great stickys with info about tunes (I learned of the hybrid tune from here) and the stuff about adaptive shifting and fuse #47. What happened to those? It didn't turn out that those had bad side effects or anything did it?

Thanks in advance!

2013 V6 Automatic, 3.73 Diff, Airaid CAI, BAMA Tune, 19x8.5" wheels with 245/45/R19 tires
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