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Originally Posted by deuce106 View Post
At first I was thinking that it was my springs because when I first installed them, I can see the the rear driver side is a little lower than the other side to begin with. And now my left rear end sacked. A few months ago I decided to replace my rear passenger side shock thinking that it was bad due to a bouncy ride. And A month ago I took my rear suspension apart to fix my rear end clunk and found out that the driver side shock was also going bad( I pushed it down and it does not want to come back up) and that might cause it to sack even more. I don't know why koni shocks went bad so fast, could it be a combination of a bad spring and a bad shock??? What should I do? I don't really want to just throw parts at it just to find out what is wrong with the car.
Thank you
I'm not sure. Potholes or rough roads? Bad batch of shocks? How many miles were on them when they blew?
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