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I remember I started a thread on why people hate mustangs. A large consensus is that it's, in reality, a great performance car for the money, and tough to beat.

People are hating on the GT500 partially for some of the same reasons...even from fellow mustang owners. Some pent up hostility due to the fact that you can't get this car for under 45-50k dispite it's rareness, which is out of the reach of most of us. So since most of us can't get our hands on one, we'll bash it, maybe out of anger towards Ford+Shelby for making such a rare and expensive car(instead of building another continuation of the '04 Terminator) that's normally built for the common man, and dealerships who jack the price up.

I know I was upset since I've been wanting a Cobra for some time, and I figured the '07 would be around 35k,36k. Just within my reach. Then I heard Shelby was making it and they were dropping a 5.4L with 500 hp, and I knew I wouldn't be able to afford naturally I was upset too.

But in the end, you realize there will always be another better mustang coming out after you buy yours. So....whatcan ya do?

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