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2011 Manual V6 - lost 3rd and 4th gears - help!

Good day everyone, about a month ago at 65,000 miles (how convenient for Ford) I lost 3rd and 4th. Dealership looked at it and wants minimum of $3,000 for a rebuild or replacement. I drove away to research further. Majority of miles are highway and I never dumped the clutch to smoke the tires. I can on occasion get it into 3rd at 1,100 rpm.

Couple of questions for everyone, especially members in central PA...
1. Does anyone know of a reputable transmission shop within an hours drive of Lancaster, PA.?
2. Do you recommend a rebuild or rebuilt Chinese transmission with warranty or spend the $ for a Tremec transmission?

I realize there are other variables such as it could be other components that may have failed. I'm looking at worse case scenarios.

Thanks, Ben

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