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Originally Posted by BlueStreak03
OK, and what kind of times have box stock Mustang GT's pulled off in 0-60 and 1/4 mile? I'm willing to be it's better than 13.5. The sun shines on a lazy dog's butt once a day so I'll concede that 4.9 sec is a fair enough 0-60 time.
I think the best I've heard of from a box stock '05 or '06 GT is 13.4. And remember that R&T tests with the OE tires.

EDIT: For the record, I definitely don't think that the GT500 is anything resembling a "dog". It'd wipe the road with my '06 any day of the week, and would probably even edge out the 951 on a track I'm just saying that the R&T (and other published times) aren't far off of what your average, moderately-skilled driver will be able to get. Besides, the race starts when the road curves.
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