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My continuing bassani axleback saga

I know I annoyed a few readers with my incessant Bassani exhaust drone questions, but here is my story as short as possible. I put a sound mat in the trunk and under rear seat, and like others said, it was marginal at best. At least some road noise is gone. I finally followed most opinions and started with installation of resonators. (Actually a glasspack made by Flowtech) It's 23" long but the actual barrel is 18" long with 3.5" diameter. I clamped it right to the stock H-pipe, and cut the pipe to fit the GP and clamped the other end. It fits very securely with no slip. Right now I only have the passenger side done. The driver side pipe is actually flattened for about 2 feet, which I have no idea why. I drove it with just the one side done and... no drone! Less sound too, but finally no drone. Now,... I have no experience with tuning so I hope this isn't a question I'll be abused for... That stupid flat part might give me a loose fit, and the 23" GP really cut the sound too much, so, how stupid would it be to fit a 12" GP? (The actual glasspack barrel is 8") It would fit exactly where the round pipe is, and all I want to do is stop the drone. Everything is clamped, in case I want to replace worn out glasspacks or even go back to stock with the use of a connector pipe or clamp. Would one long glasspack and one short make ANY difference in exhaust back pressure or performance? Oh the other stupid question is, which direction do glasspacks flow? The open ends of the internal louvers towards the engine or opposite? There is no mention of it anywhere, and no arrows of flow on the GP. I installed the open louvers forward, towards engine.

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