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Originally Posted by UnleashedBeast View Post
Sure it a lot of money to invest for an additive, when Amsoil MTF Synchromesh is working fine without it.

Heck, could you imagine putting this additive in MTF? I'm curious how that would perform. However, Amsoil's stance on additives is....

If you must use a third party additive to allow any lubricant to perform as intended, you chose the wrong lubricant in the first place.
I had MTF, slight improvement. The xl-18 has made a dramatic improvement. I do believe that every one of these cars are different and may respond different to the additive. Thats the joy of Chinese quality control, one tranny will be perfect,the next a boat anchor. I'm shocked Sleeperjoe had so little improvement, when my results were so dramatic. I might acctually keep this car now, I was planning on trading it in on a 2015 ASAP.Now I can wait a year and let somebody else work all the bugs out of the 2015.

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