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Originally Posted by Amrit View Post
I get condensation on the outside of my window all the time, and i cant get rid of it no matter how hot or cold i put the fan. The only way i get rid of it is if i turn on the wipers, and i dont really like to do it when its not raining since they streak, and it just comes back again. I figured it would be me just running the fan too cold, but i get it even when my fans not running and sometimes i get it when i start my car and its garaged and i dont run the fan in the morning. i also thought might be my heater core leaking but that would just give me condensation on the inside.
any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated.
Hi Amrit,

Were Ford technicians able to diagnose the issue yet? Please send me your Mustang's year and odometer reading; this will help me assess the next step.



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