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Originally Posted by tnclutch View Post
Thanks for the ideas man. I'll give it a shot. It's gonna take a lot to get me smiling while driving it again. All I can do right now is stress over if something is wrong with the motor or tune and how and the hell I could get it fixed. Honestly I think if there was a way to get it to a fully stock tune again and then re enter the custom tunes that might do the trick. I don't think the stock tune on the tuner is actually back to stock because when I originally ordered the tuner from American muscle I accidentally gave them the wrong information. It took me forever to get a tune where the car would half way accelerate right under barely any stress.
Originally Posted by tnclutch View Post
It's the thunder valley in Bristol Tennessee. I ordered new tunes to see if I just have a bad tune

The best thing to do is take a datalog of your current tune and send it in to the Bama Team to be looked over. Ordering another set of the same tunes, won't change anything at all. If there are adjustments that can be made for your specific Mustang, only a datalog will show what's needed.

That being said, I really think we need to look at what's happening at the track. There's a lot of factors that come into play that reflect in your finishing ET and MPH.

For instance, you mentioned traction was an issue and you couldn't prevent the tires from spinning off of your launch. If that's the case, then power isn't the problem for the first initial 60', at the very least. With a 2.5 second 60', there's a lot of timing and mph left on the table. Imagine if you were able to hook up on a set of drag radials and cut a 1.8 60'. That's .8 seconds off of your first 60 feet, which usually equals almost double the time cut at the finish line (1.4 seconds or so).

Regardless of the issue, it cant hurt to datalog your tune send it to the Bama Team. Follow the link I listed above on exactly how to do so. Also, you can give a Bama Tuning Specialist a call at the number in my signature if you have any questions!


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