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Originally Posted by djhayes1963 View Post
My sixxer kept up fine with a 13 gt on a watkins glen 3 lap mustang cruise this summer, his was stock and the driverhad completed a high speed driving course there. Gears and suspension mods helped even things up on a road course. Overheated my brakes trying not to run through him. Drag racing is a different ballgame.
Ah yes, I didn't really factor that in. The vast majority of people who opt for these cars only care about straight line performance and therefore, I tend to assume you're referring to drag racing. I got my car because I felt it would be a great balance between power and handling around a road course. My end goal is the twisties, not drag racing. If it were, I would have bought a 5.0 and I would have been very unoriginal. I prefer the challenge of owning the 3.7 and tossing it around corners. Two things that are typically contradictory to the Mustang scene.
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