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It's funny being on this side of the fence, now. Coming from previous V8 mustangs, I always felt the V6 was some half-hearted joke. You can have some of the aesthetics but none of the raw performance. The 3.7 is a stark contrast to the previous V6's. I'm getting older and the days of running around trying to pick a fight with other motorists while out on the road is behind me. So is the gas mileage and the temptation to go totally overboard with a build. On top of all that, I finally removed that chip on my shoulder I carried for so many years towards owners of "lesser" mustangs.

Back on point, a 125 shot and drag radials would skyrocket you comfortably past a stock 5.0. They aren't faster based purely on their power plant alone. ~ 370rwhp is still ~370rhwp, you know? It's not magically faster because it's a coyote, or an LS3, etc. Don't get me wrong, the coyote is a great motor but, that doesn't make it infallible. It's no more divinely perfect more than the 5.8 GT500 motor. Remember, only the LS1 was ever touched by god, right? Lol.
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