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a STOCK Track Pack GT with a professional driver 1/4 miles at 13 flat at 111 mph. That's 3.73 gears, summer P Zeros, suspension, etc...
(Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend all got the same results.)

Z28th1s, a very experienced driver/racer, his V6 Mustang ran 12.63 at 108.86 Completely NA, but plenty of Mods, and the one clear difference is Z was running drag slicks which are worth around .25 second of time.
So it's possible NA, specially if you're a good driver and their not. But remember most Mustang drivers mod not just you, so pray the 5.0 is bone stock and he's a bad driver.

So look at the 1/4 mile list, start modding and practicing at the track.
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