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Driving Impressions? 3.73 vs. 4.10?

Yes, I know the subject has been beaten like a dead horse. However, I did some searches and could not find any coherent threads that just talked about the driving characteristics alone of the 3.73 vs. 4.10. Seat of the pants, is there a very noticeable advantage to the 4.10?

What I am after is anyone out there that has driven these cars with both, or ridden in these cars with both of these gear ratios. Is there enough of a seat of the pants difference (MY CAR IS AN AUTO), between these ratios to justify the difference in highway mileage.

My last car only got 22 mpg on the highway (03 cobra). So I suppose that if I got at least 26 mpg I would be happy. Most of my driving is around town, therefore with the auto that mileage would probably be better or the same.

Also I am running a tall tire. I am running 275/40/19 which is over 26" tall. That is another reason I am leaning towards the more aggressive 4.10. Seems as though the shortest gears are going to be the ultimate cure for the low end torque short fall of the 3.7.

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