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Originally Posted by racin366 View Post
The JLT has a poor MAF signal and it gives driveability issues, especially in automatics, this is a well known fact to most good tuners now. Why do people run it? Because the school of thought that bigger is always better is still alive and wrong.

So it's convenient for you to state this about a competitors CAI, but you state this in your comparison of your UCA vs. what is obviously a Whiteline product:

The Brand X product lacks the heavy-duty construction of the Steeda part, with material in some key areas less than 50% of the thickness of the same area on the Steeda part. In the photos below, the Steeda bracket has a dimensional thickness of 6.39mm and the Brand X dimension is a meager 3.21mm with the tremendous forces this part is subjected to, it is only a matter of time before the part will flex, bend, and ultimately have a catastrophic failure when the vehicle launches exceptionally hard or is subjected to the tremendous forces of track and aggressive street driving.

So bigger is better when it's convenient for your marketing department?

Not trying to bash Steeda; I've had your products on my current car, and two previous Fords. Nothing but good things to say about your customer service, etc. But of late you guys seem to be more focused on knocking the competition, and to most consumers, that leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

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