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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
With 3.31 gears, a good tune, and intake and you can keep up with one to around 80. Than it starts training and by 120 it will put about 5 cars on you. How do I know?

My very good friend has a 3.31 geared 5.0. I've raced him a bunch of times at the strip and on the street from varying roll ons. His best time in the 1/8th mile on the same day as me was a [email protected] mph. My best time was a [email protected] mph. till around 60 cause of traction limitations I keep up than by 80 he has blown by me.

What I'm trying to say is that with bolt ons you can keep up, you'll extend your amount you keep up, maybe up to 100 you'll be able to keep up with full bolt ons, but all motor, the bigger engine will pull ahead hard past triple digits. Always.

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I think this is about right. I actually took on a 2012 Charger R/T at too high rate of speed 80-130(dumb on my part) and I kept up with him and actually was a head of him by a little bit and he has quite a bit more HP than mine with the V8. He was inching up on me at 125, just the V8 power. However in a real race 1/4 mile or just a 0-60 I'm already done with the victory and with my setup and take-off it's already over by the time he's able to hit that top end speed to over take me.

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