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Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
I think this is about right. I actually took on a 2012 Charger R/T at too high rate of speed 80-130(dumb on my part) and I kept up with him and actually was a head of him by a little bit and he has quite a bit more HP than mine with the V8. He was inching up on me at 125, just the V8 power. However in a real race 1/4 mile or just a 0-60 I'm already done with the victory and with my setup and take-off it's already over by the time he's able to hit that top end speed to over take me.
It is pretty much right on.... My v6 was so easy to run down the strip. I learned the hard way that the 5.0 has major traction issues in stock form. Drag radials or slicks combined with the appropriate suspension mods eliminate these issues. I have many videos on my youtube page om my 6 running 5.0's. I would always keep up til 80 unless it had sticky tires.... Then it had me from the gate.

My 5.0 ran a 12.9 @ 110 in 2300 DA. I have the m6 and 3.73 gears from the factory. This was when it was stock and running on the all-seasons.... With tires, a tune, and cat deletes I'll be knocking on 11's doors....

The ONLY reason I got rid of the 6 was that I was spending so much money on it. My goal was to do a single turbo setup until they started popping motors. After that I switched to the 5.0 because of an awesome deal (no loss on the trade) and economical reasons.. I have to agree, the 6 was much more rewarding when you see a nice timeslip.... But I do have an 11 second capable car with a factory warranty now....
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