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Originally Posted by AMShaneLesky View Post
I'm sorry, but I disagree to an extent. The 60' strongly reflects in the finishing ET and MPH trap. Yes the ET and MPH are low, but with a 2.5 second 60', I would expect them to be low.

As an example - I've personally run a 12.2 @ 120mph with a 2.2 60' the same night I ran an 11.4 @ 128mph with a 1.8 60'. Now neither of the 60's were great considering track prep was poor, but I picked up 8mph with a better 60' alone. Of course, this is an extreme example, but an example at that.

Hope this helps clarify things. The OP is in touch with the Bama Team currently, so they're make any tweaks or adjustments needed too. We're just waiting on a datalog and we can move forward from there!

Well that's weird that you picked up 8 mph from that alone. That's equivalent to picking up 60 horsepower from a better 60". Trap speed indicates power more than the et. The car had 11's in it w/ that 120 mph trap regardless.... I really need to see that time slip to believe that. I just don't understand how a car can gain 8 mph in speed without any other mods, just lowering the 60' by .4".

Are you sure you weren't running in worse da and than it became cooler at night and better da? Honestly 8 mph is a lot for only .4 second difference in the 60"... 8mph is alot in general. I've never seen that happen before. I've always seen the opposite... that the more spin=more trap speed.

As an example in the 1/8th mile my friend has a t/i/e 5.0 and his best time is a [email protected] 86 mph w/ a 2.2 60". One run he spun through all of first and into second... ran a [email protected] 89 mph w/ a 2.5 60".

I've never really seen the mph drop because of a bad 60"... I know the et is greatly affected by the 60". That will change significantly, but the mph stays pretty constant. Trap speed normally indicates horsepower.... and you gaining 8 mph in trap speed seems very hard to believe.

1st Time at the 1/4 Mile Best E.T out of 4 passes (Without Ported Intake Manifold):
Uncorrected 2500DA [email protected] MPH w/ a 2.17 60".Corrected [email protected] MPH
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