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I have a customer that is a Jenvey dealer and can get the runners in a few days, my machinest has had my stock lower intake for three weeks now and says he has completed a base for a sheet metal intake, fuel rails are done, runner material is here, metal spinning shop we use is making some trumpets for me, and my sheet metal fab buddy is on board to fab a plenum. Intake will either be 100% sheet metal, Jenvey based with sheet metal plenum or worse case a sheet metal upper on the stock lower... Still waiting for rods and pistons, should have that update tomorrow.

I don't see any reason except perhaps block strength that would stop someone from making 1000 hp from a 3.7 Mustang 6, several GTR customers are approaching 1200, one guy stops by here on his way to the track and runs 9.30's, it's a crazy ride with the awd. I have no interest in it for a street car, have driven /owned a 1400 rwhp Mustang before and it has no place on the street, once you cross the 600 hp mark it gets real hard to find traction, things happen fast and curbs, walls & city buses are unforgiving .

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