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Originally Posted by AMShaneLesky View Post
As I mentioned in my previous post, this was an extreme example. There's no doubt air density played part of the role in my example/situation, but even still it's not the first time I've seen a car trap lower with a worse 60', nor would I say it's uncommon.

We often hear that trap speeds will go up if you're spinning. This does happen and true to an extent. What we don't hear often is, what's considered spinning? At what point does traction loss become too excessive?

What I've found from personal experience is most cars cutting 1.7-1.9 60's usually trap their highest MPH. The same car usually traps lower with killer 1.4 or 1.5 60's and lower again with higher 2.2+ 60's. Again, this is personal experience, not factual or accurate for every car.

A 2.5 second 60' is excessive if the car was losing traction. With that much wheel spin, the car never had enough time to accelerate itself to a normal trap speed. This was true for every 2.5 60' I've seen or can think of.

Unfortunately, I never kept the 12 second time slips I got at the track. I still have the 11.4 @ 128mph one, but there's not point to showing it without the 12.2 @ 120mph pass.

I don't mean to cause an argument by any means, I just want to share some information that helps explain the OP's experience. I also want to stress that I'm not ruling out any minor adjustments needed to the OP's tune either. Which is why I'm assisting him with datalog info and any additional Bama support needed.

Thank you for all your help. I would find it hard to ever stray from bama because of the superior customer service. And their prices can't be beat at all. Great company! Hopefully I'll have everything straightened out and get to run again next Saturday and hope for some better times.

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