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Before giving up on Bama, or your car for that matter, do some data logging.

I've been back and forth with Don doing datalogs and tune revisions since I installed the ported intakes. From the first 'basic' tune to get the car running after the install, to where its at now, is night and day. Just from data logging and revising.

It seems more of the auto guys are having trouble with Bama then us 3-pedal guys. I'm guessing other companies have the auto's dialed in a little better. (I believe someone touched on that already). For instance, I'm running Bama, my dad is running Lund. There was .1 and 1mph difference in our times at the track the other night, and that was mainly in the 60 ft. (1.71 for him, 1.78 for me).

OP, don't give up. Get some logs sent in to Bama and see what they can do. If nothing changes, spend the $75 for a tune from another company. You'll lose way more then that probably by trying to switch cars
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