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The bottom line is a lower gear ratio will always give you quicker acceleration at all speeds. But there is no free lunch no matter what anyone tells you. True, at lower speeds between gears the 4:10's will move the car much easier and thus possibly improve fuel milage during stop and go city driving situations. But , on the highway at sustained speeds the lower 4:10 ratio will consume considerably more fuel period.
So I guess the question you have to ask yourself is , how do you used the car. if you spend the majority of your time running around the city at lower speeds, the 4:10's will definitely give you the upmost performance from your V6. But if you spend a lot of time on long highway trips, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, unless you really don't care about gas milage.
As was said earlier, it may be worth looking into a higher stall torque convertor, if you have an automatic. With the technology of present, it is possible to get high stall and still et lockup for highway trips.
Ive had more than my share of "single purpose" cars. Years ago, when gas was cheap, I ran a car with 5:14 gears on the street. But still, that car was rarely if ever taken on the highway.
Might I suggest to anyone who is looking fort serious accelertation, that they in turn think about possible upgrading to a GT with a V8. It will give you the acceleration you desire, and do so without turning the car into a "single purpose" vehicle. Just some food for thought, for what it is worth.

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