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Well yes, obviously if I wanted an 11 second car then trading up to a GT would be the logical thing to do. However, I just got done daily driving an 11 second car for over 9 years (modded 03 cobra), and I am pretty much over the whole idea of trying to be faster than the "other guy". The 3.7 v6 has always appealed to me ever since it came out because of how much bang there is for the buck. Pretty much the same performance as the 2010 4.6 v8, plus less weight and better weight distribution.

I know that people would have a hard time believing it, but I simply never race the car even for little stop light battles. I have only had this one to the track one time since I bought it just to base line it. More of a measuring tool than something that my ego uses to get excited with. This is not the first potent v6 I have owned. My first car when I was 16 (1993) was an 1985 Buick Regal T-type. It was a turbo 3.8 v6, and with the boost turned up on it would go low 13's all day. Second car was a fully built 87 Buick Grand National. That car had a 3000 stall speed torque converter in it. The higher stall converter was awesome.

The only thing that keeps me from doing a circle D 4000 stall converter is that right now I am starting a new career and do not want to ding up the bank account to severely. If I where running a smaller diameter tire then the 3.73 would be the choice. The tall tire I have got is what has me thinking that 4.10 is probably the good deal. The way that I drive the car is that once every few months I take it on a highway road trip, then the rest is just around town stuff. Just want that punchy snappy feeling when the car initially downshifts and snaps away a few gears.

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