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Originally Posted by Grabber2012 View Post
How do we do it with our motor and tunes?

If you handed me $$$ for one and said I had to install it this weekend, I would

- Nitrous Express 20421-10 or -15 (manual switch, save $) or 20422-10/-15 (wet systems in the Proton line)

- Revert to stock tune

- Start with the "35" N2O/Fuel jet pair (next is 50)

- Dump in some MS109 and try it.
I was under the impression because of the variable timing on our car that just putting a nitrous kit on our cars would send the computer and check engine light off? Plus when you search for kits for our year motors they don't make one. At american muscle they make a v6 nitrous kit to the 2010 v6? I know little to nothing about nitrous except that a buddy of mine highly recommended it. So if anyone had a nitrous kit on their stang some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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