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Originally Posted by pheeMc View Post
Hello everyone, i recently purchased a 2012 mustang V6 and the clutch pedal seems to engage very low during spirited driving. The engagement point basically drops to the floor if i shift anywhere above 5k RPM.

I have been driving manual cars since i got my license and my acura also had a dual mass FW but i never experienced this problem even after 100's of quarter mile passes.

Now the mustang has never seen the track (nor will it) but i dont think a car with 23,000 miles should have pressure plate issues like this.

My dealer said they couldnt replicate it/that it's a normal characteristic and my mustang is made for daily driving and not high RPM shifts.

Could it be the master/slave cyl? If that's the issue i will just replace it myself.
You're more than welcome to get a second opinion by a different Ford Dealer, pheeMc. Let me know what they say.

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