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Originally Posted by LandToSea View Post
I hope this comes to a conclusion within a reasonable time frame and does not fall apart like prior projects. Reason being a lot of guys reading this will put modification/build plans on hold and the demand for aftermarket parts will decrease and consequently negatively impact R&D for more products for this platform. Just saying I hope it is not a pipe dream that will screw everyone here in the end....
This is truly in "Fs" best interest that this gets off the ground and it a viable performance platform. Its becoming a v6 or smaller world and getting onboard will help them build an ultimate better product. The 3.7 is a world motor and will be around for a while. Solo has done all this before on his dime so give the guy some slack and lets see this come through. Solo has always finished these builds within a decent amount of time so just try and be patient.
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