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Originally Posted by kevinm View Post
i really want my v6 to keep up with the 5.0's, i haven't came across one but i would like to know what it would take to keep up with one .. my current set up is aem cold air intake dynomax vt exhaust and bama 91r leaning on with long tubes and gearing , what do you guys think ?
Originally Posted by Thereaper View Post
You should have bought a 5.0.
Originally Posted by kevinm View Post
at the moment it wasnt in my budget fine with my v6 tho but i was curious if its possible or not
The best I can tell you is to not set your sites on running down a 5.0 but to make your 3.7 the best possible machine you can. And if in doing so you manage to catch one, that would be great! Otherwise, don't sweat it.

But if you insist upon dipping into 5.0 territory, take some modding cues from z28th1s and FoolnYa. These guys are beating on their back doors in NA format.

Once you find the right combination of mod's, you might have so much fun with your V6 that none of that will be important anymore. I recently acquired an MPT tune that just made the rest of my bolt-on's go wild-fire! The car has been transformed. I have no need for the 5.0.

Find your contentment in the V6 or, as has been stated, move on to bigger and better things. Whatever you do, don't cave into anyone who busts your balls for wanting to be faster. That's the nature of who we are and what we do. Love what you got, 'cause there's ALWAYS someone bigger and badder out there!
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