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Originally Posted by Intense View Post
I don't know about any build.

To make hp, which is a function of torque and rpm, you're going to either have CYL pressure or lower cyl pressure at a higher rpm.

That is correct

This little 3.7's block was not designed for a 330% power level. It is NOT rigid enough. First fault at high power's aluminum, it flexs more than cast iron. IE look at the GM LSX block and read up on it. It's not aluminum. It took til '13 for the Shelby to have a purpose built aluminum block....a very powerful "only" 660+ hp.

We dont know what this little 3,7 block will handle yet but it is a very rigid block by design. Are you saying you dont think the Shelby can handle more than "only" 660hp?

Aluminum is not rigid enough. The block will move around a lot internally and will have to be setup really loose on run a while if you're lucky. It's not a matter of if it will blow up, it's when. It's difficult to maintain main and rod bearing clearances when even the side bolted main caps start moving and walking around. If it would run long enough. Take the caps off and take a look at them. You'll see signs of abrasion. That's called "cap walk".

My engine is setup very loose on the clearances. At idle the damn thing sounds like a diesel. I know what cap walk is and its not as common as you make it sound. hold that cyl pressure...with a block moving around that much, do you think those floating cyl liners aren't moving around too...and only 4 bolts per cyl on top of that? It's an economical lightweight block.

Yes the cylinders are moving in the block, But again we dont know were this blocks limits are for high level power with non stock internals.

As to rpms....with a displacement of're not going to see enough rpm to get there with a factory based valvetrain geometry.

Again not known yet. We may be able to spin the forged internals to 8000 rpm, unlike stock.

IF I were insistent on the goal of 1000hp at the crank...I'd use a 3.5 block which would be a better/stronger starting point with a stiffer deck. If a builder tells you otherwise, they want your money.

Realistically and reliably, I'd shoot for an attainable goal that will live a while to at least get some smiles out of the engine.

Ive been hearing that in its many different forms since I first started building this car three years ago. "Just be realistic and shoot for a goal you know you can reach" Or I can push the limits and show you this little "lightweight" V6 can lay down big power.
Until something is attained there is always going to be people who say it is impossible to reach anything. Then those people move on to saying the next thing is not possible.
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