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Cap walk is not common because people typically know better and use the right part for the application. The same goes for blocks. I didn't say you won't possibly...possibly "SEE" 1000 crank hp...I said it's a matter of WHEN it will blow up in one form or fashion.

The stock parts will spin to 8k. Will it lose reliability...sure. Will it make power without valvetrain work, cyl head porting, and more aggressive ramp rates and lift? No.

You need to change platforms. I know you want to be "different" but it's silly to pursue something that will blow the hell up. It's not a matter of some magical voodoo builder that's going to promise you the world and when you're not looking he'll sprinkle some ju ju dust or something on it. It is a V6...more power per crankshaft journal, main, rod throw...clearances or not. It'll blow up eventually. But hey, jump up on that mountain for a sec.

Btw, I didn't say or insinuate take an "easy" path. So, you want to be different huh? Build a 500hp at the crank 3.7. That's more likely to happen and live with a lot of work. NA is HARDER to achieve than FI if you're looking for a challenge. If it's bragging rights, sure, go'll still be behind someone.

I was just trying to give you some sound advice. IE like that intake spacer you were cut off half the CSA of the runners if not worse...boost or not! I suggested a custom fuel rail which would have been easier than the spacer itself. There IS enough room for a 1/2" custom line under there.

It's your what you want.
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