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I just read that GM is bringing back the GN & the GNX for 2015. That little 3.8 embarrassed a lot of cars with more cubes, & they intend to do it again. I can only hope Ford is into the same frame of mind. That would be very interesting. Also, this thread got off track with some folks telling the OP that he should have "bought a 5.0" That was not the question. If you can`t answer a question with something constructive to what is being asked, just move on without comment. Nobody likes a smart azz. It must be the moon phase or something, but lately there have been a raft of members that have decided to do things "their" way instead of following the rules here. I have given them averything from a couple of days off, right up to outright banning & will continue to do so to those who want to do things their way around here. As has been stated (more tan once), there are no first amendment rights here. You either follow the rules or you are gone. We have over 160,000 members. We won`t miss some who want to do things "their" way.

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