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2011+ 3.7: 3.55's + Lone Wolf + JLT+ BBK + MPT - INCREDIBLE Combination!

Well...I made the switch from Bama to MPT. Although I will miss the free tunes for life, and Bama worked diligently with data logs to help me take full advantage of my Lone Wolf Performance ported upper and lower intakes, BBK 73mm throttle body, and JLT CF CAI, it was MPT who pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

My pony is nothing short of an absolute beast now! Complete transformation!

1. Gobs of low-end and mid range torque that was not there before, and it continues all the way up.

2. Improved top end HP.

3. Crisp acceleration, almost as if the 19's were traded for smaller, lighter wheels and almost as if the driveshaft were traded for an aluminum piece. VERY responsive tune!

4. New traction problems now because of the added power...

Mild, but still enough that I have to re-learn the car. Traction control will remain on for now. Much more tire slippage on launch, and continued slippage throughout the gears at WOT. There's just that much more torque. I'm tempted to buy a UCA now, to supplement the LCA's. I need larger contact patch (wider tires) now, and probably a softer compound too.

5. She does not like to be civil anymore. 1st gear is nearly pointless, as I have to slip the clutch a bit more than I did before, if I want to "granny" away from a signal or a stop sign. She just wants to lurch forward and that's all there is to it. As master Yoda would say, "Do or do not. There is no try." That's the way 1st behaves now. As I said before, GOBS more low and mid range torque!

6. FUN like I've never had in this car before! It's been a few days and I still get a rush of adrenaline just driving to work.

I've read the praises of Steeda and Lund tunes, but honestly I do not see that either of those could top MPT by mail. Perhaps they could with enough data logging, but I am convinced they would have to have the car in person, to be able to fine tune it and dredge any additional power. The change is just that dramatic!

I do not regret spending $75 for an MPT tune one single bit!

Here it is, 4:17 AM and I am chomping at the bit to leave the house for work in a few hours! My adrenaline is pumping already. I truthfully had no idea this little pony had that much left in her.

Here's to you MPT!!!
And to you Lone Wolf!!!
And to you BBK!
And to you JLT!
And to you Shelby America!

Remember folks, it's not any one component, but the car as a whole. And man, MPT knows how to put it all together!

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