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Originally Posted by Smurf stang View Post
Just saying that your "theory" of aluminum blocks is wrong there bud as the GTR and many other supercars are aluminum.
It's no theory for THIS.....THIS 3.7 that wasn't designed for it. It's nice for what it is...very respectable design but it is not "designed" to be rigid enough to handle 330% more power than the factory rating. That's just common sense from working in an automotive machine shop. Even race aluminum blocks have their limits...well, this isn't a race block. The aluminum will become jello at that level of power. It will flex, it will distress, it could crack, it will give up the ghost. Floating cyls and the deck surface sucks for what he wants to do with it. Why do you think the 3.5 has a "different"/ stronger/stiffer deck and no floating cylinder at the block/head mating surface?
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