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Originally Posted by tnclutch View Post
well everyone, im happy to say that bama got my data log and responded very quickly and now everything is exactly where it should be! It honestly feels like a completely different car and and ive fallen back in love with it. Today i also ordered some 285 rear tires so traction wont be a problem either. Next saturday cant get here quick enough.

Side note to everyone that has an sct tuner, always keep check on the firmware update, pretty sure thats what my problem was.
Excellent! Good to hear the Bama Team was able to make adjustments that suited your needs. Now lets see what the car can do this Saturday!

Remember to try what I mentioned about leaving as close to idle as possible and roll on the throttle. Just make sure you foot brake at the starting line to make up for drivetrain slack and you'll do great!

Keep us updated!


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