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Here's the fact of the matter, the only person close to making 600 hp with a 3.7 is Hector at CFM and last I heard Panhandle Performance was building a new engine for him, why? I have no idea, he hasn't mentioned anything to me yet. Solo built his engine, never really heard anything about it except cam pin failure, did it make 600 hp then break, did the car drive down the street, never read about it, don't know? I have been doing research on the cam pins,the factory pin is 5mm od x 8mm length, is hardened from the factory and has a breaking point of around 4,000 lbs. Looking around to find something better has proven fruitless, now I am looking at going to a larger pin diameter which will increase strength dramatically. I guess my wish is if you are doing something cutting edge and can share your findings please do so (I don't think the Russians are watching us here). I have tried to share every find I have come up with to the v6 board, I think that is what irked Land to Sea as well, we are trying some cool stuff with our cars, if it works you guys will be the first to know after all that is what hot rodding is all about. Stay tuned.

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