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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
MPT tunes have great butt dyno stories but the times I have seen at the track were no better than my steeda tune.

Maybe if someone goes to the track with the MPT tune and traps a 83 mph in the 1/8th with just a t/I/e and I will make the switch.

I'm glad your enjoying your car more though. All these success stories do make me want to try MPT very bad.

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Yeah, I've heard great things about Steeda. If your butt dyno experience is anything like mine (or if you actually have a real dyno sheet), you might not want an MPT tune. Can't blame you. Gotta stick with what makes you happy, no doubt.

I could tell mine had more to give since the performance after the ported intakes and TB seemed considerably less than others were reporting, even after two tune adjustments. I began to think the reports were just hype, until I decided to switch tuners. Now I know the real story.

I'm like you now. I see no need to switch, as I am convinced she doesn't have that much more to give. Pretty sure at this point I'd have to track her and get a professional dyno/tune adjustment to drag any more out of her.
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