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Originally Posted by KonaV6 View Post
Exactly, maybe buy CAMs after FI, especially on a smaller displacement motor. Way better options as far $ to performance ratio goes.
Granted it costs an arm and two legs, but Procharger @ 8 psi still seems to be the most cost-effective mod so far, where the big money is concerned.

Of course, I'm just stating the obvious.

I can only see these other mod's as being worthwhile if you're extremely serious about pushing the envelope on a NA motor at any cost.

For now.

Hopefully some further development, lower retail costs, dyno and track tests will occur soon, that will change my opinion, as I'd still prefer to pay a couple of thousand $ than $6-10K, if it meant I could get more than a small handful of horses. $2K for a solid 50TQ/HP increase would be acceptable to me.
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