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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
To the OP, the fact that you still feel such a huge difference with a manual with MPT over a datalogged bama tune is incredible. How long did it take you to get the tune, and what all did you ask for in the comments? Did you call or use the internet form?
I sent MPT the same data log I sent to Bama. MPT told me that after writing the tune, their 91P tune (the one they sent me) was essentially the same as Bama's 91R (the one I was using), but that they made some "minor" adjustments. No idea what those minor adjustments were, but they made a major difference. It has me shrugging with a big question mark.

I used the internet form and the remarks column at the bottom of the form, followed by an email to their sales department with a copy of the data log attached. Sales forwarded it to their Tech department almost immediately and Tech responded within a few short minutes, with an extra question or two. The tuning process took two days, I think.
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