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Originally Posted by WhiteP0ny View Post
hmm, i'm not about to throw a cheap ebay CAI into my car. I hear the aluminum piping just turns it into a "hot air intake" and i think that would be more of a compromise to my engine than running a tune. also referencing the warranty statement, i have a manual and i heard running a tune doesn't void your warranty? also the tuner has an option to set back to stock, so then how would the dealer presume it's been altered in any way?

How does the tuner increase MPG if it also increases performance? wouldn't MORE performance mean a decline in mpg?

i'm addressing multiple replies in one reply, since it saves me time
Ford doesn't differentiate between manual and autos when it comes to their position on warranty claims on tuned cars. A tune for an auto car alters the transmission computer in addition to the engine computer, so you have more stuff for Ford to cry fowl on if you had a warranty issue.

If you were to have a major mechanical breakage in the drivetrain, Ford can scan the ECM and see that the system has been reflashed, even when you return to stock tuning. If you burn up a piston, Ford will likely blame the tune for altering fueling parameters and causing the issue.

If you are afraid of warranty issues, skip the tune for now and get the CAI. You will get some extra power at high rpm, improved throttle response down low, and extra groan when you get on it. Tuning will do more to increase power, and both work really well together.

You can make more power from an engine and it can be more efficient. You just can't use that extra power and expect to use less fuel.

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