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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
So you're saying you sent MPT a datalog you took while you were running bama tunes?

Originally Posted by GRABBER3.7L View Post
I'm loving my MPT! Both the regular and ghost cam! I can easily get sideways even with my upgraded tires and almost a whole new suspension..and that's not even at times from a dead stop. Goes to show how much power the tune is actually delivering!
That's why I'm keeping traction control on. :p I don't want to get sideways unless I'm trying to.

Still kicking around the idea of having a ghost cam added to this tune. I've heard bad things about it (fuel consumption and catalytic killer), but I haven't come across any solid information other than opinions.

Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
The things you guys describe with MPT I can already do with my steeda tune, which makes me hesitant to get MPT.

There is still a part of me that believes MPT knows something the others don't, mainly with part throttle ti-VCT cam timing that might make my car faster.

But You guys couldn't get sideways before the MPT even with multiple data logs to BAMA?

I've sent Gus from Steeda 2 datalogs ever and just today the tires lost traction for a good 2 seconds on the 1-2 shift at 3/4 throttle shifting at 4k rpm. I dont know how much of that is the midpipe and headers or the tune but it seems weird some guys are saying they can't lose traction at all in their cars with the BAMA tune.

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I could get sideways with Bama. No problem. But I wasn't trying to get sideways or burn out (I could do that too), I was trying to get quicker. They got me to a certain point (much better than stock for sure), but then they hit a wall. MPT got me over that wall.

From what I've been reading lately, it seems that MPT, Steeda and Lund mail tunes are probably close enough to being on par with each other that you might not need to change. Bama, as great as they have been and still are, seem to be bringing up the rear.
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