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Hmm. I have a DIB 13 but would be fine with either, although I can see the difference readily enough. I would have been fine with any color frankly other than the white-silver-black monochrome "spectrum" The blue was just what they had at a good price in my preferred combination of features. I suppose if I had had a choice (impossible I know) at the exact same price/car I would have gone with DIB, barely, as it's a bit more "colorful". Although my preferences may not be all that usual in that I really miss the orange they used to offer and if I ever needed a custom paint job I'd probably go with firetruck fluorescent yellow - so take that opinion for what it's worth.

Apparently I'm also in the minority of preferring the more shapely 13 front end, but also the less radical 11-12 back end. I don't hate the 13-14 rear, but I think it's trying a bit too hard to be "cool" for my 40-something tastes.
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